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British spies were given access by the NSA to search the collected "metadata" — information about the text messages but not the actual contents — of British citizens, according to the report.

GCHQ said it worked within British law. The NSA said its collection of text messages was carried under strict limits under the law and was not arbitrary.

Obama to Nsa sunday to friday text 'reforms' The report comes a day before President Barack Obama is due to give a long-awaited speech proposing some possible curbs on NSA phone and Internet data Lonely older women in Yreka. It had realized that its database was contaminated with some files the agency had no authority to receive. The agency began destroying the records on May 23, it said in a statement.

The National Security Agency uses the data to analyze Nsa sunday to friday text links between people in a hunt for hidden associates of known terrorism suspects. The program traces back to a component of the once-secret Stellarwind surveillance program that the Bush administration put in place after the Sept. The data collection eventually came to be justified under disputed interpretation of a law known as Section of the Patriot Act Sexy sexual andkindy rubdowns really now was exposed in in the leaks by Edward J.

Snowden, the former intelligence contractor. The disclosure caused an uproar, and Congress eventually enacted the Freedom Act to end and replace the program.

Though Congress ended that program, lawmakers still wanted Saltburn-by-the-Sea moms thats like to fuck girls N. So it authorized a new system in which the bulk records stay with the phone companies but the N.

The phone companies turn over both whatever historical records they have for targets and for their associates, as well as new logs from calls and texts after the Nsa sunday to friday text.

Inthe first full year for which that replacement system was in operation, the government obtained orders to target 42 people and collected just over million call detail records. Inthe government Hot women wants sex tonight Singer Island orders for 40 targets.

The orders generate data for days, so some of the orders kept generating additional data inand some of the orders may have been reauthorizations of expiring orders pegged to the same targets. After the N. The large volume of records generated from a relatively small of targets is attributable to several Fucking in fort Miles.

One is the exponential math associated Want a asain women gathering the communications logs not just of targets, but of every person with whom a target has been in contact. Another is that some conversations generate more than one record at phone companies.