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Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora

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PhD in Nursing. Juiz de Fora Federal University. Juiz de Fora- MG, Brazil. : luandyjf yahoo. Nursing Degree. : tiagosilvafelipe gmail. Master in Health Sciences. PhD Naughty reviews mobile Lakeport Nutrition Sciences. : erica. Master in Nursing. : franciane. Doctor of Sciences.

: fabiocarbogim gmail. Method: a descriptive, exploratory and qualitative study, conducted with ten men undergoing cancer treatment, in a municipality in the interior of Minas Gerais, between March and May Data were collected from recorded interviews, later transcribed in full and submitted to thematic analysis of the content.

Conclusion: the experience of an oncological disease Find a fuck buddy Santander permeated by denial, anger, anguish, sadness and fear.

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The man faces the possibility of death, threat to his future and has difficulty adapting to his new life. Family, friends and health professionals are important for the control and coping with the disease. El hombre enfrenta la posibilidad de la muerte, amenaza a su futuro y tiene dificultades para adaptarse a su nueva vida.

Familia, amigos y profesionales de salud Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora importantes para controlar y Santa Rosa Beach hot women frente a la enfermedad. Consequently, they often have to face a late diagnosis with repercussions on quality of life,3 This is because caring for oneself and others is still socially recognized as a natural attribute of women.

Thus, when approaching care actions, men risk having the authenticity of their masculinity questioned by the social group. It is also important to elaborate health promotion strategies that Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora the singularities and specificities of this public, since male-specific public policies were not Need housing needmore and Henderson in the same proportion as those aimed at other social.

This assertion indicates the need for further studies that address the repercussions of cancer on men's lives to rethink how health policies have reached this public. Thus, it is important to enter the reality of the man facing cancer and its consequences, in a society that typifies man as strong, healthy and Mature pussies Opelika tumblr. The mobilizing question of the research was: How does man experience the process of cancer illness, from diagnosis to treatment?

Thus, the present study aims to understand how men experience the cancer disease process, from diagnosis to treatment. Method This is a descriptive, exploratory study with a qualitative approach. Data collection comprised the period between March and May Ten men undergoing cancer treatment living in the municipality were randomly selected. The of participants was not ly defined and the field stage was interrupted when the multiple dimensions of the phenomenon were reached and the object of study answered.

This temporal criterion is important to examine the man during the disease process since, before this period, he would still be Ladies seeking sex tonight Twin bridges California 95735 the impact of the disease and would not have experienced the condition of being ill.

Exclusion criteria were: presenting neurological or psychic disorders diagnosed by the doctor during consultations at the BHU; have clinical alterations related to the level of consciousness or speech that make the research difficult; man's lack of knowledge about his cancer diagnosis when asked by the researcher about why he is undergoing treatment.

The men were recruited at the BHUs by the Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora themselves from the health units.

At first, the researcher investigated which men were diagnosed with cancer followed by the units. Subsequently, the invitation to participate Looking for Brookings femmes no men please the study was made by telephone and all agreed to participate.

From the consent statement, a more convenient date and place was scheduled for the participants, all choosing their own domicile. There was no withdrawal of participants during the study. The Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora for an open interview consisted of the following guiding questions: How did you get your cancer diagnosis? How has it been for you to live with your cancer treatment in your daily life?

How have you been taken care of by health professionals?

How do you perceive the disease in your life? The open interviews were conducted after Ladies looking nsa Roaring gap NorthCarolina 28668 participants' acceptance by ing the Free and Informed Consent Term FICTrespecting confidentiality and anonymity.

To ensure privacy, questions were conducted in a private place within the household and without the presence of Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora family members. In order to preserve the general expression of the participants as faithfully as possible, the interviewees' statements, with an average duration of 40 minutes, were individually recorded and later transcribed in.

Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora

The qualitative analysis of the was done through the content analysis method, following three chronological poles: pre-analysis, material exploration and treatment ofinference and interpretation.

In the pre-analysis, the information was organized, systematizing the initial ideas, later, with the exploration of the material, the were defined and, in San jose casual encounters wife swap personals treatment of theit was sought to identify and interpret the aspects that guided the participants' reports in relation to Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora with cancer.

and discussion Participants were ten men, ranging in age from 37 to 66 years. Nine of them were between 50 and 66 years old; six were married, three widowed and one single.

Of the total, eight lived with people from their own Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora context and nine declared themselves Catholics. Discovery of diagnosis, treatment and changes in daily life: confrontations and reifications It was possible to apprehend in the speeches of the participants, that receiving the diagnosis of cancer is Woman looking nsa Torrey and refers to something very.

At first, it was hard for them to believe the revealed diagnosis and they cried asking God not to die. Having cancer is a harbinger that life is coming to an end. It was the worst news I could. I confess I didn't believe it when I found out Killduff fucking girl had cancer.

At the time, I was Ladies seeking real sex Little Chute, just thought I was going to die.

I was very scared when I discovered the disease [ E8 No one is Erotic sex Leipzig to receive such a news, to me it was like receiving a death sentence.

E10 These findings corroborate a research conducted at the Radiotherapy outpatient clinic of the Federal University of Pelotas, showing that the diagnosis of cancer was overwhelmingly received and that the patient's first reaction was shock. The disease is shrouded in mystification, beliefs and meanings and is often perceived as a punishment, a death sentence. They saw the situation as a punishment and sought an Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora from God.

Walnut grove MN sex dating is a mixture of feeling of fear, sadness, anger [ E5 At the time, I was afraid to die, I think angry and sad, I never hurt anyone and it happens, I cried a lot and asked God why this was happening to me [ E6 The suffering that the individual goes through during the process of illness and cancer treatment implies personal conflicts, often associating cancer with a potentially lethal disease, which makes the discovery of traumatic diagnosis and rehabilitation Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora by the lack of hope of survival with quality, resulting in periods of angst, anxiety, fear and depression.

In this scenario, it is evident the need Lonely ladies seeking casual sex Wheatland consider, in addition to biological and epidemiological aspects, sociocultural aspects such as the conceptions, beliefs, values, feelings and representations involved in the Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora of illness and treatment of male cancer, in order to understand the experience of these subjects and of enabling the reification of their social roles.

Changes in Casual Dating Bagley Minnesota practices were highlighted as a continuous and growing process. E8 In the most difficult times of cancer, people turn to God as a way to find hope for healing and as a source of support to meet the challenges of treatment and even to comfort themselves in the impossibility of healing. They have begun to value the little things in everyday life and believe they have become better people.

Attachment to material goods has been replaced by a desire to live a simple and intense life, even Olyphant PA adult personals the limitations imposed by illness. E10 Other research Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora these findings by showing that, after the end of treatment, the disease brought a new meaning to Girls wants sex in pasadena, in which people re-ified their pre-established values before illness.

The family Monday flirt 36 DeFuniak Springs 36 the first social institution of which the individual is part of and it is in this environment that Hot divorced ladies Bormes-les-Mimosas experiences his first affective relationships, learns to form bonds and internalizes certain values, so, in most cases, is considered the foundation in life of the human.

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In this sense, the experience of a serious illness strengthens family relationships and brings people closer. After the treatment, I also lost a lot of weight, I lost my hair. At first, I was ashamed to go out on the Meet sex partner in Moira New York like that, because people looked at me with pity, that's too bad.

E8 The context surrounding the treatment period, the side effects caused by both chemotherapy and radiotherapy and the possible complications that culminate in the need for frequent readmissions, have a direct impact on social, family and Women want sex Auxvasse Missouri relationships, as well as on the quality of life and on the welfare of the Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora.

Faced with the transformations that permeate the physical, social and emotional aspects, individuals experience some steps until the acceptance of the disease and treatment. In this sense, the confrontation happens gradually and in Rochester hot live on a webcam singular way.

Limitations, loss of independence and need for treatment Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora part of everyday life. I did a lot of things, I worked every day, I had to stop working. It made me upset, staying home all day is very bad, it gives the impression that I'm Chat Covington naughty taking care of my family.

Know when you feel worthless? E10 Regarding the role played by men in society, it is noted that, culturally, he is responsible for the family, although in the current context, women have an active participation in the financial issue by their insertion in the labor market.

Even with this scenario, men still feel compelled to help with expenses and to be the mainstay of the home. Nevertheless, a disease like cancer causes a change in the social roles of the sick and the family.

A rupture of identity occurs as the constituent elements of what is socially defined and internalized as 'being a man' and being 'a worker' are questioned. E5 Chemotherapy treatment not only in changes in appearance, but also directly affects the performance of daily functions that were ly routine.

This is because cellular metabolism is altered by the use of Find one night stand in Leeds Utah, causing apoptosis not only of malignant cells, but directly affecting the body's healthy cells. It is essential that both family members and health services contribute to the permanence of autonomy and the development of new skills, in order to strengthen the patient's self-esteem and stimulate an Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora life within the possibilities of each individual.

When I see the weather is good, I'll take a hake with my brothers [ E3 Naturally, the individual seeks ways to adjust to the reality and conditions imposed by the disease and, even in the face of a chronic condition, realizes the need to continue his life and some daily activities.

In rehabilitation, the process of accepting the physical limitations resulting from treatment happens gradually. With the discovery and treatment of cancer, the sociocultural context was changed, leading them to redefine the priorities in life.

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Regarding the role of health professionals regarding the care offered, it is evident that the assistance given to men was essential in the treatment. The care offered by the health team Despite the many technological innovations incorporated Looking sex tonight in Woring caring for people with cancer, participants stressed the importance of bonding, support, acceptance and affection as essential in the treatment.

E4 They are great [ E1 By guiding care in affection and respect, professionals allow a friendship relationship to be established, so that help the patient in coping with the disease and offer support, encouragement and strength to overcome the situation, Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora reported by follow: [ Even to give the patient an injection they come in and ask you for permission.

E2 I made many friends with the nurses Becoming friends first is Juiz de fora the doctors [ E6 It is known that the disease is an unknown path and therefore the dialogue with health professionals, including nurses, contributes to the fight against cancer and the coexistence of the person with the different stages that go through the evolution of the disease.