How To Use A Low Pass Filter When DJing

How To Use A Low Pass Filter When DJing

The low pass filter is the classic DJ effect. It is also extremely popular in dance/club/electronic music. The low pass filter is used probably more than you know in the songs that you listen to. See many producers use low pass filters to add life and depth to their sounds. Whether that be the entire track as a whole, or individual sounds, the low pass filter is used in the majority of electronic music.Low_Pass_Filter_Know_DJ_Mixer

So that’s a bit about low pass filters for music production, but what about using a low pass filter for DJing? Here’s a great technique tousing a low pass filter. When you’re DJing, first enable your low pass filter. I always like to add a bit of resonance to my low pass filter as it adds movement and flavor to your use of the low pass filter.



After you add a bit of resonance to your low pass filter, you can start to understand how, where, and when to use it. Low pass filters are used by simply turning the filter knob from off to on. In terms of DJing, this would be dry to wet, dry being off, and wet being on. Give it a try on your low pass filter and experience that “underwater” sound many people love.

Next, a good place to use the low pass filter is when you’re transitioning from one track to another. If you’re transitioning from Track A to Track B, then use the low pass filter on Track A when you’re moving out of it and heading into Track B. This is just one instance, play around and see how you like to use it.


Finally, make sure that when you use it, you do so musically. What I mean is to count of each measure when starting to use the low pass filter. Start to use it on the “one” of the last 32 beats of Track A when you plan on transferring out of it. Try to have it low pass filter totally wet right at the end of those 32 beats. This will give you a nice feel for the song and make your crowd love it! Plus, the mix will feel much more complete. Practice your low pass filter and you’ll have it down in no time!

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