Top 3 Tips For Using The Restroom While DJing

Top 3 Tips For Using The Restroom While DJing

One of my readers asked me to write an article on how to use the restroom while DJing.  Here’s his question:

Hi DJ Whrr,  I have bladder problems so I often need to pee while I’m in the middle of a DJ set… what should I do??  Please help.  My bladder and I are  begging you!  …Thanks

So here you have it folks, the top 3 tips for using the restroom while DJing which are incredibly helpful.



1.) (Most important) throw on your longest track or even a pre-recorded mix while you’re trying to go to the restroom.  I rarely recommend using pre-recorded mixes while DJing at a gig, but this is one of the few exceptions.   Remember this tip is important!  I even put this tip first because I think it is one of the most important tips of the top 3 tips for using the restroom while DJing.  Using either your longest record is a great way to use the restroom while DJing as well, however you can lose the energy of your crowd.  Also, if something happens while you’re trying to go (long line, etc.) then you could be gone for longer than record lasts.

2.) Ask one of the stage hands to have one of the bouncers clear the way for you to make a quick in-and-out of the bathroom.  People can be drunk and rowdy when at a club or party, so having a bouncer to deal with all the patrons will allow you to make a quick trip.  The bouncer can let you know when he is ready to help you, clear the way for you, and make sure you get in front of the line.  If there is no bouncer, then as one of the hosts of the party (or a friend you make at the party) to let the line know that the DJ needs to take care of business!  People will be very understanding.people-at-club-waiting-in-line-for-bathroom-dj

3.) Have someone who isn’t drunk stand by your DJ equipment to make sure that no one touches is or spills their drink on it.  This is the last of the top 3 tips for using the restroom while DJing, but it can save you a lot of problems (and money).  If you bring a friend, have them watch over your equipment.  I have also used a bouncer or a stage hand to do it.  If the DJ booth has a door, you can close that and lock it (if you have the key)… unlikely, but could be the case.  Either way, having someone stand there will make it so while you are using the restroom, you won’t hear the record slow down to a halt (zzzeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) or suddenly stop.


Well that’s the top 3 tips for using the restroom while DJing!  I have found the people are always very accommodating when the DJ needs to take care of business.  So don’t worry about a thing, they’ll have your back.  Just whatever you do, don’t do what DJ Splash did at his first major gig – I’ll let you read all about it (just click his name to go the the article).

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