Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy

Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy

Pro DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Kaskade all have a formula for DJing. This formula has been shown to successfully increase and maintain the energy of any crowd. It’s the Pro DJ’s Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy. So how do they do it? Well, a little background first.

Most DJs are interested in playing what they want. This is totally acceptable and understandable. After all, we want to share the music we love with the world, right? This article isn’t to tell you that you cannot share the music you love, in fact, I encourage that you do so!

How To DJ QuicklyHowever, like most things, there needs to be a balance. The formula I am about to show you will provide that balance so you can rock crowds and live the DJ lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of… all while still playing the tracks you love.

I am going to show you the formula, and I want you to study it. Don’t think about it too much as I don’t want you to formulate too deep of preconceived conceptions about it. However, look it over. The Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy is very powerful.

Here is the Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy.  I included the variables as well:


Ut = (1-2 Underground/Old Track)
Pt = (3-4 Popular/New Track)


Pt + Ut + Pt ... (alternate Pt and Ut) = Increased and Maintained Crowd Energy

Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy Explanation:
For the first part of this, you want to play 1-2 underground/older tracks. For example, If you’re playing a trance show, you would play older songs such as Lethal Industry by Tiësto which was once a top charting track, but is now old and not as popular. Or play It Is What It Is by Mr. Pit, which is more of an underground track, which was recently released, but it being underground means not as many people know about it. After you play one or two of those tracks, switch back to playing three to four more popular tracks. For example, Sun & Moon by Above & Beyond would be a great instance of this. Very popular and a newer track. Ping Pong by Armin van Buuren is another track which is a new and popular track. These would be the more popular songs that you would play three or four of. Keep this in mind as it is essential for the Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy. After the three or four popular songs have been played, then switch back and play one to two of the more underground/old songs. Continue alternating between these two types of tracks, and the energy of the crowd will be consistently increasing and being maintained at that level of hype.

Why does the Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy work? When you DJ, it is a good idea to go by this formula as it allows you to reach two groups of people. The first group are those who like more underground/older tracks. These are commonly referred to the purists or junkies of the particular genre. This is important as promoters and other DJs fall into this category! So you want to draw this group in as it will give you more opportunity to get more gigs as you’ll impress those DJs and promoters. The second group (the majority) are those who don’t care so much about the music (not always true, but more common) and just like to listen to the popular/new tracks that come out. We’ll call them the “party-type.” These are the tenants who are at the club or event just to have a good time with their friends. These people won’t know most of the underground/old tracks because it isn’t their passion. This is why you play three to four songs of popular/new tracks because you want these people to dance. If the majority is dancing, then you’re doing your job! Keep that in mind.How To DJ Quickly

So, since you’re playing one to two underground/old songs, you’ll get the purists and junkies roped in and dancing. Playing three to four of the popular/new tracks will get the “party-type” crowd roped in and dancing. Remember the “party-type” are those who are there to hang out with their friends and listen to the popular tracks of that genre. They don’t care so much about the underground/old music (for the most part). Grouping your track selection will allow you to captivate both groups of people and have them all dancing by balancing what you’re playing for the crowd.How To DJ Quickly

Remember one last note. This is subjective as some crowds may have more purist/junkies than others, while the reverse is true as well. This formula is a great rule of thumb to stick with, however. Keep this in mind while preparing your sets!

How To DJ Quickly

Well that’s the Pro DJs’ Top Secret Formula To Increasing Crowd Energy. Watch DJ sets, you’ll notice this is how pro DJs go about picking their songs and how similar it is to this formula. Remember, a DJ’s job is to connect with people through music and have them having a good time. This formula allows DJs to do this as they can reach everyone!

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