DJ equipment… “hmm, what should I buy?”

DJ equipment… “hmm, what should I buy?”

Buying DJ equipment can be difficult.  I totally understand.

When I first started out I spent a large deal of time and money with messing around with cheap DJ equipment (Blaahh).

equipment bad dj fail

Crappy DJ Equipment

The memory haunts me. The reason being is because I was afraid to make a large investment in high quality DJ equipment… However, due to the poor quality, I soon found out this equipment would not help me out as much as I wanted. I finally gave in, spent some good DJ money, and bought some good DJ equipment.

Good DJ Equipment Behringer DDM 400 Pioneer CDJ 800 MK1 MK2 Serato Scratch Live

Behringer DDM 4000 + Pioneer CDJ 800 MK1 + Serato Scratch Live

However, now a days you don’t have to spend as much due to the rise of midi controllers.

dj equipment numark mixtrack pro midi controller

Numark Mixtrack Pro Midi Controller

These little guys are powerful! First, I was opposed to using them, until my sister got the Numark Mixtrack Pro and, for the price, it is awesome!

This is what I started out with and regret BOTH of them:

 dj equipment cortex dmix-600 dmix 300Cortex Dmix-600 or Dmix 300


dj equipment bad Merkury Innovations IS2510 ipod dj mixer

Merkury Innovations IS2510 iPod DJ Mixer


Check out this Youtube video from my channel on DJ Mixing Basics:


DJ Whrr
DJ Whrr
Starting at the ripe age of 15, I (DJ Whrr) started my DJ career. After buying up high quality equipment and teaching myself how to mix, I soon hit the DJ scene. From DJing graduations and weddings, to clubs and house parties, I tried it all! I have performed at many venues including the Filmore in Detroit, MI the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI and 5th Quarter in Ann Arbor, MI (if you want me to connect you with any of these venues, I’ll do my best – just shoot me an email in the lower right-hand corner). Finally, I also taught DJing at the University of Michigan for a little while. All these things inspired me to create How to DJ Quickly for DJs to learn online. However, aside from DJing, I am passionate about teaching others. This is why I created How to DJ Quickly. Starting out DJing can be tough (trust me, I know). Whether you are confused about DJ Equipment, How To Mix, How To Mix Like A DJ, Getting DJ gigs, or just need General DJ News, Tips, and Tricks and information about the DJ Lifestyle, I will help you! I know what it is like to be a each skill level and I want to help all! This is why beginners, novices, and experts can use How to DJ Quickly to learn more about DJing! Like I said, I am here to help, so if you have any questions, please email me using my email which you can find on my: "Questions? Contact Me." page. Check out How to DJ Quickly for more!
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