All Time Top 10 Best DJ Booth Videos

All Time Top 10 Best DJ Booth Videos

10 Unreal DJ Booth Videos You Need to Watch!

When I was first learning how to DJ, there was nothing more inspiring then to watch a huge DJ play a show for a huge dance floor and rock it out for a ton of excited and screaming fans.  Standing in the DJ booth, either beside or behind the DJ while a huge crowd was going crazy down below really motivated me to learn how to become a DJ.  I constructed the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos article to give you this experience.

Watching videos of the worlds biggest DJs playing to huge crowds still sends chills down my spine, even though I’ve been DJing for 6 years and have played tons of huge DJ gigs with tons of people going crazy on the dance floor.  There is something about ONE man making an entire group of people go wild just by playing the music he loves that makes me so happy!

I’m sure you are inspired by these DJ videos too, so I compiled the best YouTube videos taken in DJ booths at some of the biggest, craziest, and most world renown parties in the world.  You’ll see everything from a 100,000 person party at The DC Armory in Washington to an intimate club show at the club Sutra in Newport, CA.

I have tracked down these top DJ booth videos online, so please feel free to send me a DJ booth video that gets you fired up to my email (djwhrr [at] howtodjquickly [dot] com)!  I would love for this page to become an inspiring page for people to share with their friends and fellow DJs because of all the crazy and best all time top 10 best DJ booth videos being posted here!

Here are the all time top 10 BEST DJ booth videos :

10.) Zedd at The MID, (Chicago, IL)

I love the energy of Zedd in the video. You can just see how the crowd is feeding off of his energy. He’s in the booth rockin’ out and having a great time. So cool! The whole thing seems so unreal. Almost like it is out of a movie! It’s so inspiring to see young DJs like this who learned how to DJ so fast and are now rocking out the big crowds. You could be just like Zedd too! DJing and playing music that you love for people that love it too. This video is so awesome because you get to see what the super star sees – a perfect reason why it makes a great fit on the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list.

9.) Armin Van Buuren @ Superglow at The DC Armory (Washington, DC)

This video is so cool. It really shows off Armin’s personality. I love how he interacting with the crowd and showing his appreciation for them. He’s wearing a glowing necklace from a fan, then goes and holds up a fan’s sign, and then even grabs the American flag and waves it above his head. You can feel the love coming from Armin just watching the video! Definitely one of my all time top 10 best DJ booth videos. The only thing I don’t like about this video is the sound quality. Other than that, the video is awesome. Shows how cool the rockstar DJ lifestyle can be and how many people can be affected by a single man’s music.

8.) Skrillex @ The Palladium (Dallas, TX)

At about 30 seconds in you will see what I love about this video. See that huge thing hovering behind Skrillex? Yeah that’s mimicking his movements. Skrillex has a body sense similar to those found when people make characters for video games. This is tracking each of his movements and displaying an awesome alien figure behind him – perfect for his show. This made it on the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list because it shows Skrillex’s personality as well as shows you how DJs do super cool things while DJing! I mean who wouldn’t want to have a huge alien mimicking their movements! The only thing I don’t like is that the hands are in the way sometimes, but hey it shows how crazy and while the crowd is!

7.) Gareth Emery dropping ‘On a Good Day (Metropolis)’ Live @ Sutra OC

Look at the energy in this. One of the godfathers of electronic music, Gareth Emery, is shown rockin’ out to a full dance floor. The way he is interacting with the crowd is amazing. I really like this video because it shows such a huge DJ coming to a smaller club. It adds some variation to the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list. So cool to see how he rocks it out. When he is singing along with the crowd you can see how happy everyone is. I love the song he is playing too. Oceanlab – a group from London consisting of Above & Beyond and singer Justine Suissa, created this song if you want to look it up. Great track and great DJ!

6.) Armin Van Buuren @ Sutra OC

This video really inspires me to see such a huge DJ like Armin Van Buuren in such a nice, tight, and intimate club environment. I also like how there are people behind him. It’s cool because fans are SURROUNDING him (you can see fans in the back)! This video also shows how he ends his set. This is helpful for you because you can get ideas on how the #1 DJ in the world ends his set and start basing your outros off of that. Listen to how the fans cheer for him at the end of his set, and the huge smile on his face. You can tell he loves what he does. The love and happiness in this video inspired me to put it with the other all time top 10 best DJ booth videos. Oh, guess what, He started out DJ’ing parties for his friends in their basement… look where he is now. You can get to where he is too. Anyone can!

5.) Deadmau5 @ Hard Haunted Mansion (Los Angelos, CA)

Okay, I know the audio on this video is terrible, but the video of this is awesome, which is why it made it to the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list! Here we see Deadmau5 performer for a full house. This place is packed! Just gaze over his shoulder and look down at that massive crowd. I also love how he has a chrome helmet and how he is throwing around that toilet paper… its so funny! Just like the Skrillex video I showed you I love when artists do fun and creative things that add to the show. Check out this video that shows Deadmau5’s intro to this show. It’s a little skit that he does with a fake “Deadmau5”. Overall Deadmau5 is a boss. Great video. Great artist.

4.) Tiësto Live From LA’s Home Depot Center

This video is amazing! He is DJ’ing on front of 100,000 fans and everyone LOVES it. Look at the energy in the crowd. Tiësto is a genius when is comes to DJ’ing. He knows how to keep the crowd entertained. In fact, see all the pyrotechnics, bright lighting, and concert like feel? Well, he’s the one who brought this to the electronic music world. I love this video because you can see how happy Tiësto is standing up there playing the music he and his fans love. Again, the happiness and love inspired me to post this to the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list; just like the Armin Van Buuren video above. Also, it displays the energy that happens at his sets. It’s so cool to watch him DJ. You can hear that the music that is being promoted in the video is from dubstep to progressive trance. This is a cool thing about Tiësto’s DJ approach. He likes to switch things up and keep it interesting for the crowd. Check out other videos of Tiësto mixing in the DJ booth – you won’t regret it.

3.) Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and NERVO – The Way We See The World

This isn’t particularly a “in the booth” video, but it still shows some. What I love about this video is the helicopter view that captures the entirety of the crowd and the energy! It is cool to see Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and NERVO all up on stage workin’ the crowd together too – I love when DJs collaborate like that. Not to mention that drop – beautiful!!!  These aspects are what made this video reach #3 on the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list.

2.) John O’Callaghan at Beyond Wonderland (LA) ASOT550

John O’Callaghan is one of the top trance DJs of the world.  The tracks he produces exhibit the talent and hard work he has put towards his DJ career.  This beautiful intro is good for you to see because now you know how the big DJs introduce their sets to the crowds of people.  I also like how this video shows the roadie making sure that John’s equipment is already to go at the beginning… once you get that big, the club or venue pays someone to take care of all the technical stuff for you – so you don’t need to worry about it.  But, you better believe that John O’Callaghan could probably rewire his entire set up due to all the experience he has – so keep getting gigs and learning this stuff yourself!  Anyways, when the video pans out over the crowd my heart drops and I get goose bumps – the reason that made me post it as #2 with the other all time top 10 best DJ booth videos .  Look at that crowd.  Makes me speechless.  Amazing.  Imagine on day you being in John O’Callaghan’s spot and you DJ’ing for all those people.

1.) Avicii – Super Glow @ The D.C. Armory (Washington, DC)

This video is sweet! Avicii is shows rocking out to a huge dance floor. I mean really, just look at that crowd! The venue he is playing at (D.C. Armory) is a 10,000 seat multi-purpose arena as it is also an armory. This video displays Avicii’s talent and how he can get the crowd going crazy! I mean look over that dance floor! All of the people there are dancing and all having fun with each other. You can see girls up on guys shoulders fist bumping and having a great time. At 2:30 in the video you can see Avicii putting his hands up in the air then it pans to the right and shows the crowd doing the same thing! This is what you can do when you’re DJing. Control the crowd just like how Avicii does. This show is looking good and definitely fits #1 in the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list.

Bonus: Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon (Live @ Sydney, Hordern Pavilion)

This video is magical.  Check out the song Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon and you will know why this video is so amazing.  Above & Beyond draws out the point where they drop the huge synth in.  And once they do the crowd goes wild!  Look over the sea of people and just imagine yourself being in Above & Beyond’s place on day.  Rocking out to a huge dance floor.  This video gives me chills and why it is the bonus feature to the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos.

Let me tell you, these are the ball time top 10 best DJ booth videos that I’ve been able to find online, and I’ve watched a lot!  If you have any cool DJ booth videos of yourself playing or even of your favorite DJ rockin’ it out the feel free to post them in the comments below – share them with us!

I look forward to seeing your DJ videos and your thoughts on these videos!  I hope you enjoyed these videos I’ve found too!

Oh, one last thing.  If you want to start DJing massive parties in sick DJ booths like those shown in these videos, then we’re giving out DJ lessons for 97% off right now – only for the next day or two.  Click here to get your access now!  Then maybe one day you too can make the all time top 10 best DJ booth videos list. 😉

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