Go From A Total Beginner DJ To Mixing Like A Pro ...Impressing Your Friends, Girls, And Dance Floors FULL Of Screaming Fans ...Within 2 Weeks!

Dear DJ Friend, I have a few questions for you:

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then I have some great news for you to hear!
Listen, you're NOT alone.
I've talked to many DJs and they can agree that they (and MYSELF) had these same questions and frustrations when first trying to know how to DJ..

The Truth Is That It's Not Your Fault!

I have knowledge of simple practices and exercises that will get you DJing within a few weeks or even a few days! These practices and exercises are what the top DJs, and record labels don't want people like you and I to know about.
I know, kinda crummy, right? I started out over 5 years ago and I too had trouble mixing...
I was broke as a joke, but still visioned myself becoming popular, making a lot of money, rockin' out to big crowds, meeting a BUNCH of beautiful ladies, and being know as "that guy" or "the DJ".
YouTube and practicing everyday didn't get me anywhere. I was working hard with no benefit. I started to feel that I wasted the money I had spent on my DJ gear. I was close to giving up.
On top of that, DJ lessons where expensive ($100 for a half an hour)! I couldn't afford that! I tried, but even the lessons wouldn't teach me enough without me breaking my bank. So I kept pushing on and practicing, knowing I'd get there one day. It took me 9 months to finally understand how to beatmatch and mix.

Beginner DJ Whrr

But even after I learned how to mix and beatmatch, it took me forever to get my first club gig. I started playing small house parties, then raves, I threw my own parties, got a club gig, and then finally got my first BIG club gig!
In the back of my mind, I knew that there was always something more.
I got to meet a lot of up and coming artists that were being trained by some of the top record labels and DJ schools in the world. These guys were learning secret techniques that easily got them mixing like a pro within weeks or days.
I discovered that when a record label finds a new producer (the guy that makes the songs in a studio) the record label makes their money by getting that producer to tour as a DJ. DJs get paid a lot for gigs, thousands and thousands of dollars, and the record labels take a percentage of what the DJ / producer gets paid for each gig. So the sooner the record label can get the producer mixing like a pro, the sooner they make a TON of money.
DJ schools know about these techniques but WON'T teach them to you. The longer it takes you to mix, the more lessons you take and the more money the schools make...
To be honest...

After I Found Out That It Is Easy To Mix Like A Pro In 2 Weeks, I Was Pretty Mad

I couldn't believe what I had spent a year learning, guys were doing in a few days or weeks.
But, I was skeptical, so I started researching these secret practices, methodologies, and techniques myself. I had to know if they were real...
Sure enough they were real... these secrets were no where to be found on online forums, Youtube, or the internet...
Read this next part carefully.They are the practices, tips, and tricks about DJing, and they're based on a few principles... Also, note that I saved the best for last!

How To Become Popular, Make Other DJ Friends, and Meet Girls Who Know You As "The Awesome DJ", All Because You

Know How To Mix Like A Pro...

In order for a DJ to learn to mix like a pro in a few weeks, there are a 6 things that the DJ must understand.
It is important to note: no matter how hard you work at "teaching yourself", failute to understand these 6 things will hurt your chances of ever living the DJ lifestyle that YOU desire...
Here they are:

1. DJing Is Like Building A Skyscraper

After new DJs finally get beatmatching down, they tend to try to jump into the advanced mixing techniques. However, they find that they cannot get these advanced techniques down... Here is why:
Before you move on to advanced techniques, you need to master the basics. The basics include: Cuing, Dropping On The "One", Pitch Riding, Beatmatching, and a few other fundamental skills.
Trying to learn different mixes or effects before you can beatmatch like a pro every time is like trying to build a skyscrapers floors before digging out and laying down the foundation. Lets be honest, it will be shaky and prone to failure!
Understanding and mastering these fundamental skills are what allows the pro DJs your love to put together flawless mixes on the go, every time.

2. The Easiest DJ Tricks Are The Best Ones

Don't be fooled by pro DJs like James Zabiela that use super complex effects units with scratching on 8 turntables... Your tricks don't need to be complicated to WOW people. With that being said, there are many easy tricks out there that really impress people!
For example, here is a video that shows some simple tricks that you can use on a CDJ to make the dance floor go CRAZY:

3. The Secret To Pro Sounding Mixes

The thing that all Pro DJs have locked down that amateur DJs don't is that their levels are TIGHT. The volume (level) of each of their tracks is perfect so the tracks blend together well.
When an amateur is bringing in a new song, he or she will usually misjudge the volume of the song and will bring in the song too loud or too quiet.
If a song is brought in too loud it is overpowering. If a song is brought in too quiet it kills the energy of the mix. The pros have their levels nailed perfectly and here is how they do it:
Before you bring in the next song that you have beatmatched, throw it in to get it playing in your headphones. Once the song is playing listen to both songs at the same time in your headphones by choosing both channels using the headphone "cue" button or dial on your mixer.
Now that you can hear both songs playing in your headphones, turn all of the EQs up on the song you are going to mix in, so it sounds normal. (When you mix a new song it is common to have one or all of the Bass, Mid or High EQs turned down so the certain parts of the new song, like a melody, won't clash with the song that is currently playing.)
Put your headphones on both ears and simply switch back and forth between songs using the "cue" dial on your mixer. You can hear the first song and then the new song... then back to the current song that is playing out loud.. then back to the new song.
Doing this and adjusting the "gain" knobs will get you're levels right and everyone listening will think you are a total pro!

4. It Is Essential That You Mix Without Touching The Platter

Ahh, Pitch Riding... one of those basic skills that really separates the flawless Pro DJs from the intermediate DJs who can mix, but still make mistakes. Keep in mind, the big gigs are given to the DJs who can mix like pros.
Here's a video from my How To Mix Like A Pro video series. It's a small, but helpful slice of the series, so I thought I'd give it to you free:

5. Go Out And "Trainspot"...

"Trainspotting" is simply sitting behind or to the side of the DJ while he is mixing in the DJ Booth - watching every move the DJ makes. It's called "Trainspotting" because this is how DJs catch other DJs "Trainwrecking" - a mix that is made without correctly matching the beats and sounds like a train is crashing.
Trainspotting is awesome because you can see how a DJ mixes their songs together. You can also see the little tricks the DJ does. It is a great way know the secretes on how to quickly DJ as you can go home and try the trick! The tricks that work for you and your mix can be kept, but remember: don't feel that you need to keep them all.
I learned some of my best mixes and tricks this way. All by spending many hours watching other DJs...

6. My Top Tip: Learn From A Pro

I tried teaching myself by taking advice from Youtube and message forums when I was first starting out DJing.
There weren't any good books on DJing. DJ lessons were stupid expensive. There weren't any DVDs... And I didn't have any DJ friends to teach me DJing....
I kept pushing though and finally taught myself. It took me about 2 year to learn everything about DJing... precious time that I could have been using to get gigs and making money if I had a better system..
The great news is that learning to DJ is A LOT easier now have access to all sorts of different resources... and the best resource is having an experienced DJ friend to teach you everything.
Think about that though... A pro DJ can show you how to mix like a pro because he already knows how to!
So my top tip is to go out, right now and find a DJ in your city that is willing to teach you how to mix. Watch him mix. Ask him questions and let him show you his DJ tricks... This is the fastest and most fun way to learn.
Remember, it is essential to find a pro DJ to mentor you. The only problem is that finding a pro DJ to mentor you can be very tough as they are so busy!
This is why...

I Am Excited To Be Your "Go To" DJ Friend That Will Show You Everything About DJing & Mixing

In my 6 years of DJing, it has become apparent to me that new DJs are often confused about what it takes to become an awesome DJ.
Trust me, I've been there. No money, no DJ friends, no girls, old DJ gear, and I was lost when it came to knowing how to mix like a pro. Beatmatching and mixing was so frustrating...
So many times I felt like giving up, but I kept pushing - keeping my vision of being a super star DJ in my mind as motivation... and I am sure glad that I did.
Since learning how to mix, I have played 234 gigs in total and played at most of the major clubs, raves, and parties in my city!

And more...

And more...

I got to play with artists I have always dreamed of playing with.

I finally got to live the DJ lifestyle that I had always visioned.

About two years ago, I discover how passionate I am about teaching new DJs how to DJ like a pro. Starting with the basics such as: mixing, how to use DJ gear, beatmatching, and even how to do tricks and scratch.
I have compiled all of the secrets the top record labels and DJ schools DO NOT want you to know about, and broken them all down into a simple series of steps.
Now, I am going to share these simple steps with you...

The Secrets Of "How To Pro DJ: Fast & Easy"

I have some very exciting news for you... That is if you're ready to rock it out to huge crowds, take your mixing to the next level, and live the "DJ lifestyle" that YOU'VE always desired.
I've just finished put on the final touches on my brand new programed designed to quickly give you mixing, beatmatching, and advanced mixing skills that are needed to become an awesome DJ, get huge gigs, and make a ton of money - make far more money and become far more popular than any other DJ in your city.
The new program is called, "How To Quickly DJ: Like A Pro"
The techniques I am going to show you in it took me YEARS to discover... it's all put in simple language and a series of steps, audio recordings, and videos.
There are 22 videos, that total close to 4 hours of full HD DJ coaching and mentoring.
There are examples, instructions, and practices in each section, so you can practice at home - just like if I was with you 1 on 1!

What You're Going To Learn...

You are going to learn a ton from this program. Here a just a few of the things:
  • How to go from never touching decks or a DJ mixer, to being able to mix and beatmatch like a PRO within a few weeks... so you can then tell your family, friends, and everyone you know that you are a DJ
  • Specific tips and tricks that are the most effective way to get your mixes sounding nice and tight, so other DJs and promoters will be BEGGING you to play their parties and club nights
  • The #1 reason why new DJs STRUGGLE ever after practicing everyday for months (if you can't get your mixes tight, there is a very good chance that you are making this mistake.... it is CRUCIAL you let me explain what this mistake is, and how to fix it)
  • An ARSENAL of EASY but Effective DJ mixes to rock the dance floor for any gig so you're always on top of your game and ready to impress friends, club owners, promoters, other DJs, beautiful girls, and a club or party full of screaming fans
  • How to use any type of DJ equipment, so you are always ready to mix like a PRO no matter what equipment you have to use at a gig.
  • SUPERSTAR DJ beatmatching and mixing tricks that are not only easy to perform, but will make the crowd go CRAZY while you DJ for them. Oh, and by the way, these are tricks and secrets the pro DJs DO NOT what you to know about
  • Scratching and beat juggling skills so you can scratch and beat juggle while you mix and IMPRESS any dance floor... People go WILD over scratching and beat juggling
  • How to impress people with you DJ skills at any event: house party, club, rave, wedding, bar birthday party, barbeque, corporate party, Bar Mitzvah, lounge, hooka bar, ultra club, night club, music festival, or any other gig you are wanting to DJ at!
  • How to beatmatch and mix your FAVORITE songs together so they create a beautiful, powerful, new song (the rush you and the dance floor will get from this is AMAZING and EUPHORIC)
  • The best (and easiest) way to put together and have that mix on a CD so you can show your friends and land yourself gigs at SUPER CLUBS
  • Typical scenarios to watch out for that involve drinks, small DJ booths, and women
  • How to mix and beatmatch and genre or sub-genre of electronic music (or any music) so you can be an extremely versatile DJ and get bigger and better gigs than the other DJs.
  • How to deal with your friends, fans, and girls coming up to you and trying to talk to you while you are mixing in the DJ booth
  • The crucial and often overlooked differences from mixing in your home and mixing at a club or party that will save you from a DJ DISASTER (trust me, there are a lot more than you think... I've seen it happen)
  • And much, much more...

I estimate that after you finish this program, you will have more and better skills than 98% of the DJs in your city.
These are the types of skills that will get you play at the SUPER CLUBS!


The mixing and beatmatching skills you are going to learn are not only designed to get you mixing and beatmatching quickly, but will also train you how to play at the HUGE DJ shows.

98% Of New DJs Never Learn To Beatmatch & Mix And Will Give Up Without Ever Playing A Gig...

MANY DJs have used my advice and techniques and taken their DJing to the next level.
But I am going to be honest with you...
This product is not for everyone... In fact, it is very exclusive...

  • If you aren't playing DJing at HUGE clubs, raves, parties, or festivals with thousands of screaming fans
  • If you're having trouble getting you mixing and beatmatching to a point where it is flawless...
  • If you're trying trying to learn off Youtube where the DJ videos are only a few minutes long...
  • If trying to hear two beats apart from each other while trying to beatmatch is confusing you...
  • If new DJ gear confuses you...
  • If you are lost when hooking up DJ equipment...
  • If you don't know why the pro DJs can mix so well, and why you can't figure out how to (they have secrets they are NOT telling you)...
  • If putting a mix together and then putting that mix on a CD or the internet for your friends is too confusing...

...Then this program IS for you! On the other hand, if you:
  • DJ at a lot of HUGE clubs, parties, raves, festivals, and other gigs...
  • Walk past any line, get free drinks, hang out with celebrities, and live the ROCKSTAR/VIP lifestyle...
  • Have a huge fan base which will come to and support at any of your gigs...
  • Mix and beatmatch as good or even better than the other top superstar DJs in the world...
  • Make crowds of 1000+ people go CRAZY on the dance floor on the regular due to your mixing skills...
  • Regularly IMPRESS family and friends when you mix and beatmatch your favorite songs together...
  • Have a harem of beautiful women following your every move...
  • Gets stopped when on vacation, walking down the street, or while eating at a restaurant as "That Awesome DJ"...

Then this program isn't for you because you don't need it.
But if you're not that guy... then you need to get this program IMMEDIATELY! If you don't, you'll miss out on the opportunity to live this VIP lifestyle and just have your life pass you buy. Take action now and live the ROCKSTAR/DJ lifestyle that YOU deserve! After all, you only live once...

The Secret Weapon Of The DJ Community...

Nothing has been released that can get DJs beatmatching and mixing quicker, so this has become the secret weapon of the DJ community.

Here is why this program will get you beatmatching and mixing so quickly:

checkNobody has released this much high-quality content on mixing before... you receive 22 full chapters with step-by-step instructions on how to DJ!

checkFilmed in High Definition (HD) so you can see all the moves, tips, tricks, and DJ equipment clearly!

checkShot in a focused and steady environment so you too can focus and steadily make progress with you DJing.

checkExamples, Step-By-Step Instructions, and Practices. Most DJ Video Series only offer the instructions!

checkThese tops secrets are coming from top DJs, DJ Schools, and record labels that have been tried and tested by thousands of new DJs.

checkUpdated and relevant information for 2013. Most DJ programs only teach you how to mix on turntables. This program will teach you about all the latest DJ technology: CDJs, Serato Scratch Live, Turntables, DJ Controllers, and more.

checkIt's like I am there with you, coaching you 1-on-1. You will also have lifetime access to these videos so you can watch them countless times to ensure you get all the tips, tricks, and techniques down.

Things are about to get VERY exciting... So get read...

You'll Also Get A Digital Copy Of My "DJ Demo Mixes Made Easy" Program.

This is a 30 minute long high definition audio recording that will explain exactly what you need to do in order to create a mix and put that mix on a CD or on the internet so you can share it with your friends and get a TON of gigs.
I'll show you:

  • When recording your demo mix, the things you think you are doing right are actually DEAD WRONG.
  • How to stop your mix CD from ending up in the garbage can of the DJs and promoters that you give it to.
  • The things you are currently doing to your demo mixes that are SABOTAGING the chances that you ever get any big gigs.
  • Secrets on what the promoters, club owners, and other DJs are looking for in a demo mix CD.
  • Tips and special tricks on what to include and what not to include in your demo mix to make sure you get a TON of gigs.
  • Secret techniques on choosing the songs to play in your mix (techniques the big DJs, record labels, and DJ schools would make you pay BIG $$$ for them to tell you).
  • The most simple, easiest, and BEST way to record your demo mixes.
  • How to structure the phrasing, energy, tempo, and feel of the songs in your demo mix.

The high definition audio recording "How To: DJ Demo Mixes That Will Land You Gigs!" is the secret key that DJs like you and I need in order to step from learning to mix and beatmatch, to getting A LOT of HUGE gigs. It's the special key that the big DJs, record labels, and DJ schools are NOT sharing with you.

Here Is What You Are Going To Get...


  • 6 full hours of high definition videos with 22 videos teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about DJing
  • A each piece of video and audio titled for super quick access


  • An additional FREE bonus... a digital audio recording of my "How To: DJ Demo Mixes That Will Land You Gigs!" audio series.
  • This bonus is worth $47 as well
  • This comes FREE, just for trying out the program!

The videos in "How To: Quickly Learn Mixing Like A Pro DJ" are going to teach you 3 MAJOR things:
  1. How the Pro DJs mix perfectly every time, and how YOU can do so as well
  2. Enough demonstrations, "How Tos", practices, encouragement, and inner confidence to go and learn mixing and beatmatching quickly, efficiently, and with ease. Wether you choose to impress your friends or make dance floors full of screaming fans go CRAZY... THESE VIDEOS WHICH INCLUDE A SIMPLE SERIES OF STEPS WILL LEAVE YOU KNOWING EXACTLY HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS OF BEING AN AWESOME DJ.
  3. The beatmatching skills, mixing skills, and secrets on getting gigs you will receive from this program WILL allow you to quickly pay for this program and open up a career for you as a SUPER ROCKSTAR DJ...

Even if you don't have the money and have to borrow your Mom's credit card like I did when I was starting out... find a way to get your hands on this program... just do it!
This program is 100 times more effective and WAY cheaper than a series of DJ lessons!
And because I want YOU and as many new DJs to benefit from this as possible, I have decided to price this program to only $47 for all 6 hours of high definition streaming DJ lessons (no DVDs)... plus all the bonuses... and there is NO SHIPPING! You can watch these videos WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want!
That price is so small. Think about it, it's like the price of a few drinks or ONE meal out of town. I sure hope that you're will to invest at LEAST that in living the DJ lifestyle you've always dreamed of! After all, you only live once to do it... so trust me, do it before life passes you by...
PLUS, this program comes with a better-than-money-back "I'll take all of the risk" guarantee...

Don't Decide Now... Try My "How To Pro DJ: Fast & Easy" Program For 60 Days

I guarentee this program will change your life forever.
I know it is going to transform yourself into the most absolute best DJ you can be.
In fact, I am so convinced by this, that I will give you access to the program to try for 2 month. That's right, 60 days.
This is what I am going to do for you:
I will give you the "How To: Quickly Learn Mixing Like A Pro DJ" at MY RISK.
If you like it, you can keep it because you paid for it.
If you don't like it, just email me at DJWhrr [at] HowtoDJQuickly [dot] com and I will give you a full refund... no questions asked.
Again, this is a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED FULL MONEY-BACK GUARENTEE for 60 days...
I could not possibly make this any more low risk OR easy for you.
When you click this button below, you will be taken to a secure ordering page where you will be able to order your very own program. (Just please ensure that you use a valid credit card for your order.)
After purchasing, you will immediately be taken to a thank you page that will have link that will take you to a page that contains "How To: Quickly Learn Mixing Like A Pro DJ" streaming videos, as well as a download link for the "How To: DJ Demo Mixes That Will Land You Gigs!" audio recording.
If after applying the techniques you decide that it's not for you - for ANY REASON - just email me at DJ Whrr [at] HowtoDJQuickly [dot] com, and you pay NOTHING.
If you'd like to keep your access to the videos (and I'm betting that you will), you don't have to do anything except learn from and enjoy the videos for the rest of your (soon to be) VIP lifestyle time on earth.
I truly want to help you get mixing and beatmatching like a pro for huge crowds full of screaming fans. I often get emails from new DJs who are using my materials to improve their DJing, and I want to help you too.
Click on the button below, and place your order now:

Keep on rockin' out!
Your DJ Friend,
DJ Whrr
P.S. Sadly, most new DJs will go their entire lives without experience what it is like to share the music they love with a dance floor PACKED full of high energy fans SCREAMING, LOVING, and VIBING with the music they are playing. Also, they've never experience the VIP DJ lifestyle that only ROCKSTAR DJs get to experience. Instead, they live lonely lives without many friends, and with no girls chasing after them... They're just average and ordinary guys... I don't want you to be one of those guys. This program will show you EXACTLY how to master mixing and beatmatching so you too can become a pro quickly and easily. In turn, you can live the DJ lifestyle that YOU were meant to live and that YOU DESERVE to live! You have my personal guarantee...

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